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Our credit restoration services, which include our credit repair and credit building services, are
nationally recognized and proven to be the most successful in the country.  Our program is custom
tailored to each individual client while other credit repair or restoration companies simply complete
a simple dispute process in limited amounts with form letters. This process and many of their
procedures have gaping flaws, which lead to minimal results.

Custom Program

Overall, we have a higher deletion/correction rate of inaccurate items on credit reports in just 45
days than many of the other credit repair companies have in 18-24 months. Our credit restoration process does not
just involve disputes with the credit reporting agencies, but a custom tailored audit and process
designed to avoid the delays credit reporting agencies attempt. We also implement a full audit
validation process to the creditors and collection companies based on your consumer protection
laws. This is something you will not see from other credit repair companies, due to the lack of
experience, knowledge, and effort it takes to understand the consumer protection laws and how to
keep these companies accountable to following them. Our credit restoration process is designed to maximize your
credit scores by assisting you in obtaining an accurate credit report and to have the right
types of positive accounts with the correct ratios in the shortest time possible.

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