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Tax Liens & Judgements
(Public Records)

If you have public records on your credit report such as Tax Liens or Judgments they can have a significant impact on your credit scores. Judgments and Liens are much different than charge-offs and collections on your credit report where if you pay a tax lien or a judgment it will become satisfied and help your credit a lot more than paying a collection or charge-off would.

With that being said if you have a tax lien or judgment that is showing up on your credit report that is not yours or that has inaccuracies in the way it is reporting the resulting impact on your credit scores could be severe. Having a public record such as a judgment or a tax lien on your credit report will not only significantly impact your credit scores, but it many times will prevent you from obtaining credit, especially a mortgage. A public record could also impact you from being hired for a certain job or obtaining certain licenses or insurances.

Many people have had identity theft committed against them that they might not even be aware of, that has caused a tax lien or judgment to show up on their credit report without them knowing or you could have a public record show up due to an error or a mixed file at the credit reporting agencies. If you have a judgment or tax lien on your credit report that could contain some inaccuracies and you should call to have a free credit report analysis today at 1-888-799-7267

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