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If you are looking for a good credit repair company there are a lot of things to consider. There are many credit repair companies all over the country new ones pop up every single day. However, all credit repair companies are not the same and very few of them have a proven track record. What should you look for when choosing a credit repair company?

Reputation, Experience, and RESULTS A good credit repair company will have a very good reputation and a lot of experience. Don’t be fooled by websites ranking credit repair companies and they are all sponsored or paid by the credit repair company. Look at actual reviews of the company and who uses that company. Keep in mind any company can create their own reviews so see if any reviews you see seem like real reviews. Keep in mind as well all of these companies will have good sales people who will tell you how they are the best, but look at facts of their experience and reputation to find out if they really are. It is also important to note just because a company claims to be in business for a long time that does not necessarily give them “experience”. That company very well could have a lot of experience in terms of clients and length of time in business, but not necessarily experience in getting results.

Dispute My Credit Services Reputation, Experience, and RESULTS– Dispute My Credit Services has the highest reputation among credit repair companies in the country. Dispute My Credit Services is approaching ten thousand clients which doesn’t make them the largest, but the largest definitely doesn’t mean the best. Dispute My Credit Services is the credit education partner of the NFL and many major universities and fortune 500 companies. Dispute My Credit is also very involved with helping our military heroes fix their credit as well. C If you are looking for the best results and the quickest then look no further than Dispute My Credit Services.

Compliance and Security- A good credit repair company is compliant with state and federal laws and that is extremely important as the large majority of credit repair companies are not actually operating legally which is confirmed by the FTC. Any company that does not operate within compliance of the laws is not someone you want to do business with. They could potentially do more harm than good or they could just be a complete scam all together. Additionally, you are going to be giving a credit repair company a lot of person information which can be very dangerous if it is not a reputable company and the company does not maintain the highest standards of security with your information.

Dispute My Credit Services compliance and security- Dispute My Credit Services is completely compliant with all state and federal laws.

Credit Repair Guarantee– A good credit repair company will offer a good guarantee. Many companies in the credit repair industry will either offer no guarantee or it is a meaningless guarantee. Many might try to convince you why they can’t offer a guarantee, just stay away from those. Some of these guarantees we have found are that they will “change” or “improve” something on your credit. What does that really mean and that is the entire guarantee you get? That isn’t good enough. Another large credit repair company out there says if they fail to do any work for you during any month you can get your money back that one month. Well, what is work?… and how are you going to prove they didn’t do any work? It is very important to read over the guarantee and understand it in the agreement. Keep in mind a service is performed so a credit repair company isn’t going to make a wild promise of results to get paid, but it should be fair for both sides. This is where it comes down to looking at their reputation. If they have a good reputation you should be able to trust it, but make sure you are protecting yourself as well.

Dispute My Credit Services credit repair guarantee– Dispute My Credit Services offers an unmatched guarantee in the credit repair industry. Their stance is they want to help people and they don’t want money from people they can’t help. If they don’t get you results then you don’t have to pay. If they get you very little results then you pay very little. At the end of the program you only pay $75 per item that was deleted or much less if you got great results. Based on their reputation and proven track record for results you can count on getting some very good results in your credit repair program. Dispute My Credit also offers a significant amount of education so make sure you pay attention to everything they say so you can maximize your credit scores and not have to worry about any future problems as well!

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